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Nickname : Petron
Birth Date : June 1, 1937
Born Where : San Juan, Siquijor Negros Oriental
Marriage : August 19, 1958
Digos Cathedral Church, Digos, Davao Del Sur
Children : Edgar Quimno Bingil
Wilmer Quimno Bingil
Myrna Quimno Bingil
Nilda Quimno Bingil
Allan Quimno Bingil
Arlene Quimno Bingil
Lourdes Quimno Bingil
Maricel Quimno Bingil
Lilibeth Quimno Bingil

Edgar has 3 kids named Edgeson, Shiela May and Edgar the youngest one. They lived in Katipunan, Sulop, Philippines. Edgar works in the government and he used to be a Baranggay Councelor. He is very active in the Catholic Church.

Wilmer has 4 kids named Winnie, Jennylyn, Wilrem and Princess. They lived in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. Wilmer is working in Devisoria Mall as a Maintenance Worker. His wife is helping him for their living by selling food. She cooks Filipino food and sells it. Everything in Manila is expensive.

Myrna has 4 kids named Romae Ann, Jessah Mae, Jerod and Christine Joy. Myrna is a housekepper. Her husband is a Fisherman and at the same time he is working as a Construction Worker too. Myrna is very active in the Catholic Church and she is teaching Religion Classes in Manga Central School. They lived in Tamlangon, Matanao, Davao del Sur.

Nilda has 2 girls, one was a miscarriage and the other is named Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie. Her husband is an Engineer and Professor. They live in the United States of America, in Huntington Park, CA and Shiprock, NM.

Allan has 2 sons named Jestoni and Jack Rollan Pet. Allan is a Farmer and he is raising animals like cows, carabao, pigs, goats and chickens. He is the Vice President in San Isidro Chapel in Tamlangon. He is very active in the Catholic Church. He used to be a Baranggay Councelor also.

Arlene has 3 sons named Arjun Cyrel, Arvic Moon Kyle and Chris Jessu Son. Arlene is a hard working mother. She has her own grocery store in front of their house while her husband is working abroad. They lived in Tamlangon, Matanao, Davao del Sur.

Lourdes is married with one kid named John Carlo Alam. Her husband's name is Herbert Alfred Alam. They are presently living in South Cembo, Makati, Philippines. Lourdes is not working anymore because she is taking care of the baby. Her husband is working in Cebuano Pawn Shop.

Maricel is a Nun. She is now in Italy. Nilda and Maricel used to live in the convent in Paranaque, Metro Manila. Both of them wanted to be a Nun but Nilda got married to an American guy named Harrison Lapahie Jr. Maricel became a Nun.

Lilibeth is still single. She is presently working as a Merchandizer to different stores. Lilibeth is the one who taking care of our mother. She was the one who manage the budget when Nilda built her own house in Tamlangon, Matanao, Davao del Sur. Nilda sent the money to her account.

Home Nilda Bingil Lapahie

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