Ode to the Cherokee Wannabe
by Charles Phillip White (Ojibway descent)
on January 2, 1993

Once I sat on my grandmother's knee
While she told me stories what I could be
She told me to love every rock and tree
Because in my blood there is Cherokee

Now I admit I was shocked but proud
And now I proclaim it strong and loud
I was then called a wannabe
but I'm not, I'm 1/256 Cherokee!

So it was with great hesitation
That I finally went to the reservation
I said, "I am Cherokee, can you help me Mister?"
He said, "What about your brothers and sisters?"

I asked the man what he meant
And he asked me why I was sent
I said to prove that I am a Cherokee
and not be called a wannabe

I just "know" things and love the trees,
It is because I'm a Cherokee
With a look he wore before
He asked to leave through the door.

Standing at the curb the splash hit me
from a puddle and a passing Jeep Cherokee

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