Nilda Quimno Bingil Lapahie

Celso Matas Bingil
Petronila Camelo Quimno
Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie

Nickname : Nildz (by friends), Nick-Nick (by relatives)
Birth Date : August 6, 1966
Born Where : Matanao
Davao Del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines
Facebook Site: :
      Daughter           Parents        Grand Parents      Great Grand Parents
                                                         ___Pantaleon Bingil___
                                      _Gregorio Bingil__|
                                     |                  |___Valentina Banca____
                     Celso M. Bingil_|
                    |                |                   _____Andres Matas_____
                    |                |                  |
                    |                |_Victorina Matas__|
                    |                                   |_____Clara Cagang_____
Nilda Quimno Bingil_|
         |          |                                    ____Agustin Quimno____
         |          |                                   |
         |          |                 __Simeon Quimno___|
         |          |                |                  |____Ciriaca Palaca____
         |          |                |
         |          |Petronila Quimno|
         |                           |                   ___Esteban Camelo_____
Harrison Lapahie Jr. (Husband)       |                  |
                                     |_Felomina Camelo__|
                                                        |___Varselesa Bucol____

It was twelve o'clock midnight of August 6, 1966 that a healthy baby girl was born in the village of Tamlangon, Matanao, in the region of Davao del Sur, Mindanao, in the Philippines. The lovable couple, "Celso Matas Bingil", and "Petronila Quimno Bingil", chose to name their fourth daughter, "Nilda". Nilda had been very grateful to her parents instilling into her their strong traditional family and religious values, even though they were extremely poor. The Bingils and her relatives lived in peace, unity, and harmony, in traditional homes in the surrounding green coconut trees, corn, and banana fields, and rivers, near Matanao.

Most of her friends in the Philippines called her "Nildz". Relatives and childhood friends called her by her nickname, "Nick-Nick". Nilda came from a big family made up of 3 brothers and 6 sisters. Their names from oldest to youngest have been: Edgar, Wilmer, Myrna, Nilda, Allan, Arlene, Lourdes, Maricel and Lilibeth.

In the Philippines, Nilda has lived in either the regions of Davao Del Sur in Mindanao or in the metropolitan area of Metro Manila in Luzon. Her life in these places has always been simple and pleasurable. She has always been very easy to talk to and caring and helpful to her people because she always would like to see her family and friends happy. This has caused her some problems since living in America, since Americans are more direct in their conversations, and are less humble than Filipinos. She is slowing adjusting and going through the process of learning to be direct in words and actions and less sensitive to the words and actions of other Americans.

When Nilda was a little girl, one of her past times at her home, which was a farm, was to go with her cousins and friends to the river to catch fishes. Concerning her responsibilities at her home, she use to feed the animals, these being the pigs, dogs, cats, goats and carabao. At home, she was partly raised by her grandmother, "Felomina Camelo Quimno", also known as "Popo". Popo taught Nilda a lot of things in striving to be a good person. Popo tried her best in raising Nilda up with good values. She was so very proud of her grandmother for doing this and was sad for her when grandmother passed away in January 27, 1991.

Nilda graduated from her elementary school, Manga Central School, on March 28, 1980, and was the school's "First Honorable Mentioned". Yet it was the saddest moment she had ever experienced in her life because her father, Celso Matas Bingil, died three days before her graduation day. She was so sad and depressed during that time because she also knew that she could not be able to continue her studies in High School. The reason being, that when her father died, her mother had a two month old baby girl named "Lilibeth", Nilda's youngest sister. She now would have to help the family and help take care of Lilibeth.

So, she didn't go to school for three consecutive years because she took care of the little baby, Lilibeth, and also helped her mother with the farm too. At her young age, she experienced a lot of family hardships, but despite her trials, she never lost the hope to pursue her education. Nilda eventually graduated from high school in March 1986 at Holy Cross of Matanao, in Davao del Sur, Mindanao.

After graduation from high school, she left her grandmother's house and went to Midsayap, Catabato, where her parents used to live before. She worked as a Sales Clerk in the area at "Friendly Imporium". Then she went to Manila to work as a Babysitter because she wanted to save money for her college education. She then returned to her home town, Matanao, Davao del Sur, in January 1987. At this time, her Aunt, Mama Toring, and Uncle, Papa Nacio, who lived in Digos, Davao del Sur, were willing to let Nilda live with them and also to support her studies to get a college degree. She was very happy to hear that news from them to make one of her dream come true.

While living with her Aunt and Uncle in Digos, she attended the University of Mindanao Digos College (UMDC). She started UMDC in June 1987 and majored in B.E.Ed., Bachelor in Elementary Education. She was very active at UMDC, not only in academics, but also in some extra-curricular activities like sports, dancing, and student clubs. With hard work and God's blessing, she received her B.E.Ed. in March 1991. She was very happy that she made it by her efforts and the financial help of her Aunt and Uncle.

Feeling confident enough after obtaining her degree. Nilda went to Manila again for the second time in July 1991 to seek a teaching profession. Her first job was as a Sales Clerk at the SM Department Store in Makati. She worked as a Sales Clerk for about two and a half years. With the money she started to earn, she sent her sister to school to get a college degree in Business Management.

In 1993, with God's help, she began as an Elementary School Teacher at the Madre Maria Pia Notari School in Parañaque, Metro Manila. It is a Catholic School run by the Italian Sisters of the "Crucified Sisters Adorers of the Holy Eucharist". Nilda was so thankful to God that finally she had been given the opportunity to teach the children and to impart her knowledge to their young minds. She really loved her work being a teacher because she loves children and her work was very rewarding and it was providing her with a comfortable life for herself and her family as well.

At this time, the Sister gave Nilda the opportunity to become a Nun so she worked with the sisters and lived in the convent while teaching. As time went on thought, she decided that this was not the best choice for her, for she wanted the freedom to choose, and also wanted a family of her own. So she just was an Elementary School Teacher, but continued to live in the convent Monday to Friday. On the weekends, she lived with her sister, Lourdes, in Makati.

Nilda had a couple of suitors when she first met her future husband, Harrison Lapahie Jr. They met through a mutual friend while he was on his second vacation touring the Orient. Nilda at first thought Harrison was Filipino, because of his features, but later found him to be an original American, a Navajo. Nilda is very religious. She is very devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Now Nilda answers her calling in life by serving her husband and daughter, Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie, born Sept. 13, 2004. Nilda had another daughter who was a miscarriage on July 5, 2002. Nilda lives happily with her husband in Huntington Park, California, USA.

Harrison Lapahie wearing a Filipino traditional Barong Tagalog and Nilda wearing her wedding dress that she got married in 2007. They remarried in Matanao, Davao Del Sur, Mindanao, the Philippines to please Nilda's relatives.

Harrison Lapahie and Nilda Quiimno Bingil getting married at the LDS Bell Ward in Bell, California in November 1997.

The Lapahie Family, Harrison Lapahie, Nilda Quimno Bingil Lapahie, and Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Baby Nikki) for 2004 Christmas photo and at Disneyland in 2007.

Two photos of Harrison Lapahie, Nilda Lapahie, and Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) taken in 2007. The photo on the left was taken at Thai BBQ Restaurant near 3rd Street and Normandy Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The photo on the right was taken at Acapulco Restaurant on Carson Street in Torrance, California near the Del Almo Fashion Center Mall.

Other photos of Nilda can be found by clicking photos. Below is a map of the Philippines. Click on it if you wish, to enlarge it.


Celso Matas Bingil
Petronila Camelo Quimno
Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie

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