Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie

Harrison Lapahie Jr.
Nilda Quimno Bingil
Nickname : Nikki
Birth Date : September 13, 2004, 6:46 pm PST
Born Where : Good Samaritan Hospital
downtown Los Angeles, CA


        Daughter             Parents        Grand Parents    Great Grand Parents       GG Grand Parents         GGG Grand Parents  GGGG Grand Parents
    (Today <-- 2004)    (Today <-- 1955)   (Today <-- 1929)   (1991 <-- ~1900)       (~1950s <-- ~1860s)       (~1920s <-- ~1840s) (~1900s <-- ~1810s)
                                                                                       (approximation)           (approximation)     (approximation)
                                                                                ________Hastiin Lapahie________|
                                                                               |        (Hooghan Łání)         |__________________
                                                             __Willie Lapahie__|                                Hastiin Tee Yazzie
                                                            |  (Ta’neezahnii)  |____Martha Hastiin Lapahie_____|
                                                            |                           (Ta’neezahnii)         |__________________
                                            Harrison Lapahie|                                                   __________________
                                           |  (Táchii’nii)  |                   Hastiin Naataaníí Atsósie Begay|
                                           |                |                  |                               |__________________
                                           |                |__Cora Henderson__|                                __________________
                                           |                    (Táchii’nii)   |_______Asdzá Léh Holgéh________|
                                           |                                             (Táchii’nii)          |__________________
                       Harrison Lapahie Jr.|                                                                    __________________
                       |   (Bit’ahnii)     |                                    _______________________________|
                       |                   |                                   |                               |__________________
                       |                   |                 Ush Ke Tah Le Wood|                                __________________
                       |                   |                |  (Tódí’chíi’nii) |______Asdzá Tode Quo She_______|
                       |                   |                |                          (Tódí’chíi’nii)         |__________________
                       |                   |Lillie Todychini|                                                   __________________
                       |                      (Bit’ahnii)   |                   ________Frank Armstrong________|
                       |                                    |                  |        (Tódí’chíi’nii)        |__________________
                       |                                    |_Julia Armstrong__|                                ____Francisco_____
                       |                                        (Bit’ahnii)    |_________E Ta Des Pah__________|                   _____Ha So Sa_____
                       |                                                                 (Bit’ahnii)           |____Yon Ne Pi_____|
                       |                                                                                           (Bit’ahnii)    |_____Nah Glee_____
                       |                                                                                                              (Bit’ahnii)
Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie|
     (1/2 Navajo,      |                                                        _______Pantaleon Bingil________
     1/2 Filipino)     |                                                       |
                       |                                     _Gregorio Bingil__|
                       |                                    |                  |________Valentina Banca________
                       |                                    |
                       |                    Celso M. Bingil_|
                       |                   |                |                   _________Andres Matas__________
                       |                   |                |                  |
                       |                   |                |_Victorina Matas__|
                       |                   |                                   |_________Clara Cagang__________
                       |                   |
                       |Nilda Quimno Bingil|
                             (Filipino)    |                                    ________Agustin Quimno_________
                                           |                                   |
                                           |                 __Simeon Quimno___|
                                           |                |                  |________Ciriaca Palaca_________
                                           |                |
                                           |Petronila Quimno|
                                                            |                   ________Esteban Camelo_________
                                                            |                  |
                                                            |_Felomina Camelo__|
                                                                               |________Varselesa Bucol________


Three year old Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) riding a mechanical horse inside City Market at Shiprock, New Mexico in 2007.


Photo of Nilda in the Philippines.


Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) reading a book. Taken May 6th, 2008.


Baby Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) in the bedroom in Huntington Park, California asleep in her crib. Picture taken September or October 2004.


Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie's (Nikki's) first school photo from Nizhoni Elementary School in Shiprock, New Mexico. She just turned 3 years old.


Three photos of Nikki from a baby to three years old.


Photo of 3 years old Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) holding a phone. Photo was taken May 6, 2008.


Baby Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) in her baby crib about 2004.


Baby Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) in 2005.


Two photos of Harrison Lapahie, Nilda Lapahie, and Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) taken in 2007. The photo on the left was taken at Thai BBQ Restaurant near 3rd Street and Normandy Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The photo on the right was taken at Acapulco Restaurant on Carson Street in Torrance, California near the Del Almo Fashion Center Mall.


Two photos of Nilda Quimno Bingil before she was married. Photos were taken in the Philippines before 1997.


Harrison Lapahie waiting to get remarried with his wife Nilda in Matano, Davao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines in November 2004.


Harrison Lapahie and Nilda Quimno Bingil in their young adult years before they got married. Nilda's photo was taken at her boarding house in Makati, Philippines in 1991. Harrison photo was taken in 1984 as a graduation photo from California State University Long Beach.


Nikki on an orange bean bag in her family's boarding house in Shiprock, New Mexico in 2005.


Photo of Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie with bike, teddy bear and flowers. Photo was taken at the Stonewood Center Mall in Downey, Calfornia on May 6, 2008.


Photo of Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) at her 3rd birthday party at Great China Buffet in Farmington, New Mexico on September 15, 2007. Nikki's birthday was on September 13, 2007, but was given on the 15th, a Saturday, to make it more convenient for others to attend.


Nikki just learning to walk in her Shiprock, New Mexico boarding house in 2005.


Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) wearing her Santa Claus cloths during Christmas 2004.


Four photos of baby Krystal Nizhoni Lapahie (Nikki) taken in 2004.


Harrison Lapahie Jr.
Nilda Quimno Bingil

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