A delegation of Navajo representatives who traveled to Washington, D.C., in 1874 to discuss the provisions of the 1868 treaty with President Ulysses S. Grant. In actuality however, the purpose was to effect a land exchange by ceding the northern portion of the reservation bordering the San Juan River, where gold seekers were beginning to stake claims, for parcels of arid lands to the east and west.

President Grant met with the delegation on December 19, 1974, but the land exchange fell through, due mainly to the efforts of Thomas Keam, who had travelled to Washington at his own expense and shared the Navajos' desire to hold onto their lands.

The delegation consisted of (left to right, front row): Carnero Mucho, Mariano, Juanita (Manuelito's wife), Manuelito, Manuelito Segundo, and Tiene-su-se
Standing: "Wild" Hank Sharp (Anglo), Ganado Mucho, Barbas Hueros, Agent Arny, Kentucky Mountain Bill (Anglo), Cabra Negra, Cayatanita, Narbona Primero, and Jesus Arviso, interpreter.

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