Herrero Grande
(mid 1800s)

Herrero Grande was a Blacksmith, and Principal Chief of the Navajos during the Navajo War of 1863 - 1866.

In the 1850s, Herrero Grande lived at Fort Defiance, Arizona, where he learned the art of Blacksmithing from George Carter, a Blacksmith brought in by the Indian Agent Henry L. (Red Shirt) Dodge to teach the Navajos a trade. Herrero became known for his knife blades, bits, and bridle parts, just as Delgadito became known for his silver jewelry.

In 1861, following a council with Anglo-American authorities at Fort Fauntleroy, the Navajos chose Herrero as their Principal Chief. He refused the order to relocate and hid out early in the Navajo War, but surrendered in February 1864, taking his band on the Long Walk to Fort Sumner in Bosque Redondo in eastern New Mexico, as ordered. Henceforth, he acted as a Peacemaker. He met with Manuelito on behalf of General James H. Carleton in February 1865, but failed to convince him to surrender. Along with the other Navajo Chiefs, Herrero Grande signed the 1868 Treaty establishing the Navajo Reservation in their Chuska Mountain homeland.

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