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Z (from A to)
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[99 nood=-zii
Literal Translation:   [99 (horse) + nood==z (to be striped) + –ii (the one).
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zebra, water horse (mythological animal), sea horse
t44h [99
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y1 a[n77 , y1a[n7igi
y1 a[n7igi or y1 a[n77g00  (at the zenith)
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zero;   nothing, none;   has become extinct;   he/she died
1din Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
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Zia, NM.   Zia is a pueblo in New Mexico.
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zig-zag, it is crooked
naneesht[iizh Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona. , noolt[iizh
naneesht[iizh:   Literal translation:   it is crooked (as a crooked stick)
honoolt[iizh  (to be zig-zag (area))
noolt[iizhgo biki naashti.  (to put a crooked (zig-zagging) mark on it)
aneesht[ish.  (to go zig-zagging along)
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zinnia.   Zinnia is a type of flower.
n77iini[ ntsaa7g77 , bil1tah dah dijool7g77
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bi[ did==s  (to be zipped up)
t1zd7sht44h  (to zip around (move about speedily))
bi[ t1zd7t44h  (to zip around, to go zipping around in it (a fast moving vehicle))
bi[ diss==s  (to zip it up)
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zip code
honaaltsoos nin1h1lyeed7gi
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bi[ ]d7d=s7 , bi[ ]d7d=s7g77
k4 bi[ ]d7d=s7g77  (zipper shoes)
44 bi[ ]d7d=s7g77  (zipper shirt or coat)
44tso bi[ ]d7d=s7g77  (zipper shirt or coat)
b4eso bizis bi[ ]d7d=s7g77  (zipper purse, billfold)
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naaldlooshii dan4l7n7di
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Zuni Indian, Zuni Pueblo
Naasht4zh7 bizaad  (Zuni language)
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Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Indian
Naasht4zh7 bizaad  (Zuni language)
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Zuni Salt Lake, New Mexico
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Zuni Trail in Canyon de Chelley
Naasht4zh7 Haay1h7
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