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- Q -

question marker (yes/no)
da Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
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question suffix
A suffix serving to introduce a question.   It may be preceded by da if the question is to be answered back [with a yes or no type of answer].
-7sh Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona. , -1sh , -0sh , -4sh
(Da) dichin7sh ]l9?  (Are you hungry?)     Aoo, dichin nish[9.  (Yes, I am hungry.)
(Da) Din4tsoh7sh yin7ly4?  (Is your name Din4tsoh?)     Aoo, Din4tsoh yinishy4.  (Yes, my name is Din4tsoh.)
Ad33d31sh doo Nan7zhoozh7g00 nis7n7y1a da?  (Didn't you go to Gallup yesterday?)
T[44d31sh yidzaaz?  (Did it snow last night?)
T11 hooghan7g77sh bii nighan?  (Do you live in a hogan?)
T11sh y11t4ehgo atiin chid7 bee?  (Is the road alright for a car?)
Da d77sh T0d7n4eshzheeg00 atiin?  (Is this the road to Kayenta?)
T1adoo le4sh n7n7zin?  (Do you want something?)
Nicheii biisx7ini7sh ni[ b44h0zin?  (Do you know the cause of death of your grandfather?)
Tah do0sh nidi[ n1 1ln4eh da?  (Haven't you had a blood test yet?)
Da aw44sh ni[to?  (Do you nurse the baby?)
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quilt, heavy blanket
golch00n Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
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