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- O -

    Sound:  O as in old oolj44 (moon)
    Short Vowel:  o as in t0 (water)
    Long Vowel:  oo as in d00 (and)
    High Tone:  0 as in t0 (water)
    Glottal Stop:  oo as in yoo (bead(s), necklace)
    Nasal Tone:  -- as in k== (here, about in this general area)
    Dipthongs:  oi, oii, ooi as in chewy t00 ahay07 (many)

0lta Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
school;   reading [studies], counting or reading takes place
)ltadi nanishtin.  (I teach at the school.)
Nih7 47 0ltagi naniitin.  (We [two] teach at that school.)
Nih7 0ltagi nidaniitin.  (We [3 or more] teach at the school.)
B10lta7 0lta yiniiy4 hasht41d7ln44h.  (Teachers are preparing for school.)
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0lta g0ne biki ndaadzoo7g77
black board, white board
Literally:  0lta (school) + g0ne (inside) + biki (on it) + ndaadzo (plural indefinite people mark around) + –7g77 (the one)
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0lta h0tsaa
high school, secondary school;   college
Literally:  0lta (school) + h0tsaa (big place)
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0lta bitsineheeshj77
school board
Literally:  0lta (school) + bitsineheeshj77 (its board, its plank)
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0lta n1h1st47d00 naakits1adahj8 niiilt1h7g77
high school, secondary school
Literally:  0lta (school) + n1h1st47 (nine) + –d00 (from) + naakits1adah (twelve) + –j8 (as far as) + niiilt1h (studying stops) + –7g77 (the one).   The school in which studying goes on from nine as far as twelve.
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0lta t11[17d00 tseeb7ij9 niiilt1h7g77
elementary school, grade school
Literally:  0lta (school) + t11[17d00 (from one) + tseeb7ij9 (as far as eight) + niiilt1h (an indefinite person stops reading or going to school) + –7g77 (the one).   The school in which one studies from [grade] one to [grade] eight.
Nan7zhoozh7di 0lta t11[17d00 tseeb7ij9 niiilt1h7g77 a[tso y7[ta (I finished elementary school in Gallup.)
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0ltadi t[4ego 1[ch7n7 danijah7
school dormitory
Literally:  0ltadi (at school) + t[4ego (at night) + 1[ch7n7 (children) + danijah (they customarily lie down, sleep) + –7 (the one)
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student, pupil, scholar, schoolboy, schoolgirl
Literally:  0[ta (he counts, he reads) + –7 (the one)
Hahgosh2 ne0[ta7 bi[ ]d77tash?  (When will you bring your child back [to school]?) or (When will you bring your school child back?)
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0ltaj8 atah n7n11daiild44h
it is school in again
Kad 47 0ltaj8 atah n7n11daiild44h.  (It is time to return to that school again.)
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oo11[ Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona. , j98go Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
daytime, during the day, to be day, to be sunlight, a/the day is passing (the period from sunup to sundown)
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ooldlosh Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
he will ride a quadruped
Ad33d33 atiing00 shi[ ooldlosh ]t44 [99 shi[ deezgo (I was riding along the road yesterday when the horse fell with me.)
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oolj44 , oolj47
moon.   It was created in the Fourth World of Navajo mythology.
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oolj47 , oolj44
moon.   It was created in the Fourth World of Navajo mythology.
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D7kw77g00 l1 oolki[?  (What time is it?)
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0oly4 Voice of Lynette Willie from Cove, Arizona.
it is called
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