U.S. Executive Order of 1901

White House,
November 14, 1901.

It is hereby ordered that the following-described tract of country in Arizona, viz, commencing at a point where the south line of the Navajo Indian Reservation (addition of Jan 8, 1900) intersects the Little Colorado River, thence due south to the fifth standard parallel north; thence east on said standard to the middle of the south line of township 21 north, range 15 east; thence north on the line bisecting townships 21, 22, 23, 24, said range 15 east, to the south line of the Moqui Reservation; thence due west to the place of beginning, be, and the same is hereby, withdrawn from sale and settlement until such time as the Indians residing thereon shall have been settled permanently under the provisions of the homestead laws or the general allotment act approved February 8, 1887 (24 Stats., 388), and the act amendatory thereof, approved February 28, 1891 (26 Stats., 794).

Theodore Roosevelt.

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