Points of interest that the Political and Military Chief of the Province submits to the individuals, that in the name of it (the province), compose this group with the object of the best celebration of peace with the Navajo Tribe.

First. That they hand over all of the captives that they have of our (people) without hiding any and the same with fugitives if they should flee to them.
Second. That there should be handed over to them those that are found among us, but only if they wish to go; for if they should wish to receive the beneficial waters of baptism it does not seem proper for Catholics to deny them, but on the contrary to favor them and exhort them to the end that the number of the faithful adorers of the true God of the Christians should be multiplied.
Third That it be demanded of them that they hand over up to the last portion of that which was stolen from the province since peace was last celebrated with them; returning it to those having suffered from the robberies the total amount.
Fourth Last. That it be proposed to them with energy that they be converted to the Catholic Religion, resettling themselves in pueblos that will be founded in the places that might be convenient in order to attain this goal that the Faith of Jesus Christ is propagated and that we complete with the perfect attributes of Christians the reduction of an infidel nation to the fold of the Catholic Church.

Pueblo de la Laguna, 5th of February, 1823

Also I say: That the sake of the province and in fulfillment of my office I have deliberated prudently on the four points here, but my object, with the sincere desire to be ready to gain the best results and to hear with agreeableness the opinions and proposals of the men who hear me.

Jose Antonio Vizcarra

Agreement that, in virtue of the preceding articles, there was between the Navajo Tribe and the Political and Military Governor of the Province, the text of which is the following.

In fulfillment of the first they will hand over the captives that are found among them.

With regard to the second they reclaimed those of their nation that existed among us but with the arrangement that I answered to them that they would be returned to them when they had met all my proposals and gave proofs of proceeding as they promised.

As for the third, they said that they were dying of hunger and that for that reason they did not have enought with which to repay the robberies, but they promised not to repeat their robberies and that if they did not comply they would be punished.

In fulfillment of the fourth and last, they obligated themselves to reply inside of a period of four months counted from the first of next March; with respect to this they had to talk to the entire nation; in virtue of which and for a proper record, the Seņores Captain Don Bartolome Baca and Don Antonio Sandoval signed this in the name of General Joaquin and his tribe.

Camp of Paguate, twelfth of February of 1823.

Jose Antonio Vizcarra
Bartolome Baca
Juan Antonio Sandoval


  1. Treaty of Feb. 12, 1823; Translation by David M. Brugge and Harrison Lapahie Jr.

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