Consequent to your communication of April 26, and in fulfillment of what you have arranged for me, I have agreed upon peace with the principal leaders of the Navajo Nation, Cristobal and Vicente in the name of and in representation of them all, on the 12th day of this May with the following conditions:

(1) That at no time shall they make any claim to the lands of the site called Cebolleta;
(2) That they shall restore to us the two children that they have handed over to me, and any other captives which are found in their power;
(3) That they will make no alliance, treaty, nor communication with a nation or band hostile to us, and that on the occasions which might arise, they will also make war;
(4) That if any of their nation commit a robbery or other damage on those of this province, their chiefs will hand them over that they may be punished;
(5) That on our part we will permit them commerce, stock-raising, and planting of fields and other enterprises which they may wish to engage in, and that it will be presented to them as I have verified it to the Interpreter, Josef Antonio Garcia, conforming to what they have solicited, in order to give notice among them in due time and that there is handed over to them, as has been handed over to, the captain called Segundo, and 16 prisoners more that existed in San Elecario, and that in case of there being other prisoners among them or among us, they will be handed over reciprocally; and that receiving them under the protection of the King and in his royal name, they are to be made to understand that the violation of the referred conditions, and to which fulfillment remains obligatory to the Nation in general, will be held to be formal declation of War, and it will be attacked suddenly in order to destroy it entirely.

Concerning the last man, finding himself already prisoner, Segundo notified them that all the Nations that are at Peace practice not doing damage to those that have entered in the Province of other Nations or Bands who are their enemies and that if they verify it they agree among themselves; and that in case of having done robbery of horse herds, they are obligated to return them so that by my protection their owners recover them and with respect to having verified the robbery from within the Province, so that to insure that they have peace, all of them that look for it with the Spanish Nation.

In this very manner, I predisposed them with respect. I handed over to them 16 slaves and one Captain, as they no longer had any other prisoners as they asserted, they should take great care to collect all the cattle and horses and mules that they encounter with brands in the Province, that they consented that all the Nation would meet and obedience to Cristobal, and to his lieutenants, would be re-established, that they would take care of collecting the few or many that they might encounter to let them know the value of conserving the Peace.

Because of it being risky you will know that I justifiably omitted speaking to them of the Utes.

On this day they went out from this villa accompanied by the Interpreter Josef Antonio Garcia for their country; in which the latter will stay until the end of June when he will come to present himself to me, and inform me of what may have happened, or whenever there might be cause that requires it.

To said Interpreter I have posted bond on the 12th of May and its entry on the same day in the journal of June, like the others separated from the enlistments of the Company will respect to which I see formed the previous lists, and that ---------

Santa Fe, 15th of May, 1805
The Governor of New Mexico
reports having adjusted peace
with the Navajo Nation

Senor Commanding General of
the Internal Provinces.---


  1. Governor Joaquin Real Alencaster to Salkcedor, May 15, 1805; Translation by David M. Brugge and Harrison Lapahie Jr.; See also Brugge & Correll, 1971.

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