At the request of Mr. Yost, Agent, and urgent and repeated solicitation of the Navijo Tribe of Indians asking for peace, the undersigned commander of the forces operating against them in the present war, consents to grant an armistice for 30 days from the signing of this, during which period no act of acts of hostility shall be committed by either party, on the following terms, subject to the approval of the commander of the Department of New Mexico, viz.

1. The assembled chiefs and principal men of the Tribe of Navijo Indians consents and agrees to meet within 30 days at this post authorized commissioners to form a treaty of peace on a sure basis, and which will be binding on the United States as well as on the Navijos.
2. The assembled chiefs and principal men agrees and consents that the following items shall form the basis of the treaty.

1st. To deliver up every horse, mule and poney taken by them from this post during the war.
2d. That the chief selected to be their principal, shall be obeyed in all things with strict obedience in the requirements made by their agent or commanding officer of this post.
3d. That the Navijoes will deliver up the murderer as soon as they can catch him, and it will be no offense if the troops ever take him and punish him.
4th. On the day of signing the treaty there will be an exchange of prisoners -- all captives in the possession of the Navijoes will be surrendered and all captives of their nation now in confinement at this post will be set at liberty.

We the undersigned chiefs and principal men of the Navijo Nation agree and consent in the name of their nation and sign our names before witnesses, that we act in good faith and sincerity by so doing.

This at Fort Defiance N.M. this 20th day of November 1858.

Navajo Chiefs:
(Each Signed with an X)

Sarcillos Largos
Jijo de Siego
Cabras Blancas
Ganado Mucho
Cabesa Colorado


We the undersigned certify that the chiefs whose names are above signed, did so with a full and perfect understanding of the true meaning of every and each sentence, and in addition they expressed the most perfect humiliation, and the greatest willingness for peace.

U.S. Indian Agent


Green Wilson
U.S. Interpreter for
Navajoe Agency

The chiefs and head men of the Navijo Tribe of Indians having agreed to the terms I have proposed, I hereby grant an armistice for thirty days from this date.
20th Novbr. 1858
Fort Defiance N.M.

Lt. Col. 3 Inf.
Comg. Navajo Exped.

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